Terms of use

With Sarmalink.com portal you can:

  • remotely look after your property,
  • observe nature  (create time-lapse videos),
  • share your observations with others through the Internet
  • follow other member observations that are made public
  • build a commercial surveillance by contacting Sarmalink.com

Sarmalink.com supports the observation of the user's USB (web) cameras, thermometers and other USB devices supported by SarmaLink.net application.

Sarmalink.com should be used only to monitor items/premises user has monitoring rights.

AberLabs.com Ltd has rights to publish and promote information on Sarmalink.com and is entitled to inform users of the portal Sarmalink.com site-related news.

Commercial activities on Sarmalink.com are allowed only with site the written acceptance from Sarmalink.com.

Sarmalink.com is entitled at its sole discretion, including, without notice, delete registered users accounts or individual equipment data, as well as to limit or deny access to the portal Sarmalink.com, besides, in this case bears no responsibility for it.

Each site Sarmalink.com user is fully responsible for any information published by himself/herself and take the full responsibility for the consequences (including legal) arising from such information. Online Sarmalink.com It is prohibited to submit information, or connect a camera, creating following type of information:

  • which can be regarded as invasion of a personal privacy;
  • the placement or transmission of which may violate or infringe upon third party intellectual property (copyright, etc.) right;
  • an affront to personal dignity and respect;
  • which calls for violence, racial hatred, or other illegal activities;
  • which is vulgar, libelous or otherwise offensive;
  • which contains viruses, or designed to harm a computer or electronic communications software operation (security);
  • a pornographic or erotic; 
  • which affect or may affect the site Sarmalink.com normal operation and safety.

Finding the placement of such information, Sarmalink.com is entitled to delete that information immediately, and delete this information, the profile or block access.

In any case, Sarmalink.com is not responsible for Sarmalink.com located on site or the information sent between the user and the consequences (including legal), which have arisen in this information or sending. Also Sarmalink.com is not responsible for the accessibility of the portal users' mutual communication, any technical problems in operation of the portal user profile changes in the other person resulting from unauthorized access. The whole site operation (including the available services) are provided such as it is without any additional guarantees from Sarmalink.com. In addition Sarmalink.com is in no way responsible for any damages to Sarmalink.com portal users in connection with the site and the services available therein.

All intellectual property rights of the portal Sarmalink.com belongs solely to AberLabs.com Ltd., which is Sarmalink.com technology developer. Violation of these rights guilty person is called to the statutory responsibility, and is fully responsible for any loss suffered in this regard  by Ltd. AberLabs.com.

Sarmalink.com site users are required to make every effort to ensure Sarmalink.com legal interests ("to hold harmless and indemnify") against all third party claims or claims brought against Sarmalink.com and in any way related to the portal use of the user.

If the user of this site Sarmalink.com misconduct is denied or restricted access to the portal, or the user profile is deleted from the site, then the user is not refunded any payments made in connection with online services.

All disputes relating to these rules occur between SIA and AberLabs.com Sarmalink.com portal users are settled by mutual negotiations. If an amicable solution fails, they are dealt with under the legislation.