WiFi Humidity and Temperature measuring device

Uzraugi.lv WiFi Humanity and Temperature meter
€ 39.72

SarmaLink Wi-Fi integrated temperature and humidity measuring device!

No base station needed. Device has a local web page (server) for local monitoring and configuration screen to set up monitoring through SarmaLink.com page for remote monitoring. USB connector for power, reset and serial command line interface.

  • Sensor cable length 1m (3 ft)
  • Humidity measurement range: 0~100%RH.
  • Typical humidity measurement accuracy in range of 20-80% RH: ± 3% RH
  • Temperature measurement range: -40 ~ 125 ° C
  • Typical temperature measurement accuracy in range of 5 °C to 60 °C : ± 0.3 °C
  • Online installation instruction provided after order.

Sensor can be used indoors or outdoors under a roof, but should not directly be exposed to water, or other fluids. WiFi box and USB stick can be used only indoors.

  • Simple Web interface for configuration and monitoring.

    • Setup for working with SarmaLink,
    • your own private server,
    • or a stand-alone configuration.
  • Kelvin, Celsius and Fahrenheit scales selectable.
  • No base station required, works through standard Wi-Fi connection (2.4 GHz).
  • Automatic driver installation for USB connection.
  • Can be powered from USB phone charger.
  • Advanced feature to satisfy requirements of demanding IT specification:

    • Accurate temperature and humidity readings using SHT20 sensor.
    • Password protected configuration.
    • Simultaneous operation as HTTP server, HTTPS client, USB Serial device.
    • Multiple security features for IoT infrastructure.
    • SCPI-like Serial interface commands
    • Secure configuration reset to factory defaults only via physical access using USB interface.
    • NTP client with time zone configuration.
    • Secure connection to server using HTTPS protocol.
    • Self-explanatory data exchange in JSON format.
    • Certificate validation can be turned off for e.g., for private servers on LAN.
    • Provides diagnostic data such as uptime and wireless signal strength.
    • Arduino compatible, reprogramming voids warranty.

Package include: Sensor with Wi-Fi/USB module

Power supply: USB 5V (adapter not included)


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Price: € 39.72