USB Multi-thermometer with a hub

USB Multithermometer with hub
€ 31.00

Multi-thermometer for remote monitoring temperature in multiple points with wired sensors. 

Start pack includes:

  • USB dongle supporting multiple thermometers

  • Sensor hub with an integrated sensor

Use as  replacement part on  WiFi thermometers or reading temperature in Linux  with DiGitemp aplication 

Specification :

  • Measuring range -55 ° C to +125 ° C.
  • Measuring accuracy 0.5 ° C (in the range above 10 ° C).  
  • Sensor can be used indoors or outdoors under a roof but should not directly be exposed to water, or other fluids. USB stick can be used only indoors.
  • Made in European Union.
  • Available immediately.
SKU: T002L
Price: € 31.00