Sarmalink OpenWRT WiFi Multitermometer AL-NET2U-300_M

AL-NET2U-300_M WiFi Multitermometer
€ 53.99 AL-NET2U-115_M OpenWRT WiFi multithermometer for measuring temperature  at any premises, on the street or fridge!  Device has a local web page (server) for local monitoring and configuration screen to set up remote monitoring through

  • Number of sensors included (integrated in the hub): 1 (additional sensors available from
  • Measuring range -67F (-55 °C)to 257F (125 ° C)

Remote monitoring with browser through internet, functionality provided by

  • Alerts for exceeding  Min max limits on dashboard or by E-mail
  • Historical data (chart, export, min/max values for the selected period)
  • Monitoring dash board  for multiple sensors (temperature + video monitoring)
  • Private/public monitoring


















Price: € 53.99