Calibrated WiFi Thermometer

Calibrated Sarmalink WiFi MR3020 Thermometer (AL-NET2L-300-C)
€ 89.70

Calibrated WiFi thermometer for measuring temperature at any premise with WiFi! No need for dedicated PC! Device has own web server for local access as well as easy set up for remote monitoring or data export through or your own server.

  • Measuring range -55°C to +125°C.
  • Precision 0,1°C.
  • Controller is designed for indoor use, but sensor can be placed outdoors or in the liquids.
  • Power Supply USB 5V (AC adapter not included)
  • Setup instruction available here
  • More info on calibration available  here.
  • Alerts for exceeding  Min max limits on dashboard or by E-mail service by
  • Historical data (chart, export, min/max values for the selected period) service by
  • Monitoring dash board  for multiple sensors through
  • Private/public monitoring
Price: € 89.70