Temperature and video monitoring with Sarmalink is easy and virtually free!

  • Temperature and video monitoring services (from 0.00EUR),

    • archive (quickly review temperature chart and only most important snapshots!)
    • select snapshots and create your own video
    • secure and private monitoring or an opportunity to share your cam or temperature data
    • Try now!
  • USB un Wifi devices (from only EUR 12.81).
  • Video monitoring software (free),

Connect , monitor, create!


€ 95.00

Purchase a Registration service to create an account automatically and start  monitor your devices instantly. The service charges a one-time fee.

When you purchase devices or Sarmalink.com services account is created automatically.

In case of a question or manual request, send an email to sarmalink@aberlabs.com.

Thank you for purchasing the service.

Number of Pictures: 
30 days
€ 95.00
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