Contacts  are   project for retail customers allowing to monitor temperature  or do video monitoring of your property (cottage, house, greenhouse etc.) through internet (through our home page) using our USB thermometer or any camera attached to your PC (web, CCTV using adapter or WiFi) 

SIA contacts are:
Phone +371 20266368
Registration number 50103339971
VAT Number LV50103339971
Address Skanstes iela 29-94, Rīga, LV-1013
Account LV81HABA0551029480448


For any questions or comments please contact us at

Monitor easy with SarmaLink

Buy a WiFi thermometer, plug any camera (web or CCTV) and/or an USB thermometer in your computer  and monitor through the internet your cottage, house or any other property! SarmaLink allows also to monitor WiFi camera in your local network or on internet! 

  •      Be sure that the temperature has not dropped below the critical
  •      See historical temperature in a graph
  •      Select pictures and make a video clip from a webcam
  •      Receive an alarm in your e-mail
  •      Share your camera or thermometer with others (by default the data is not available to others)

All you need in the monitored place is a PC with MS Wndows and an internet connection. SarmaLink   works also with a Mobile Internet.

SarmaLink provides excelent value to those that ar ready to spend few minutes to plug in a web cam and/or USB thermomter in a PC and install SarmaLink !

Thermometer can be order on our website. If  you have any questions please contact us by e-mail