No special software is required to  monitor WiFi thermometers both configuration and monitoring is performed using internet browser. For more information please follow instruction provided during purchase or download this generic instruction


To use videomonitoring functionality


download SarmaLink freeware


Sarmalink windows application allows to monitor USB and WiFi cameras with  Sarmalink portal as well as to store data localy on PC. Sarmalink software has advanced motion detection algorithm that reduce number of false video alarms and together with web page creates complete and easy to use monitoring solution.

Sarmalink freeware also allows to monitore temperature with  Sarmalink  opensource USB thermometer (legacy product) Opensource.

During installation you will receive several warnings. Please disregard them. SarmaLink software does not contain any spyware or malware and monitoring is absolutely private, unless you  make (thermometers or camera) public.

After installing SarmaLink  monitoring software you will be asked to input  " access key", you can find it in   My Profile section.  After installing Sarmalink  software it will automatically  find all supported devices (cameras and thermometers) attached to the PC and let you manually add web and internet cameras. 

We value your privacy therefore all devices are disabled by default and their status should be set manually to  "enabled"  to start a monitoring and  to send information to the

After setting the monitoring status to "Enabled" and ticking "send to server", the device shortly will appear in "My Device list" on,  were you can keep it private or make accessible to other users by ticking  "public" in he  "edit" tab. In order to ensure that only decent content is public on our web site, cameras become public only  after our moderator approves it. We hope that you also value our concerns and will accept this delay.  

If you have any issues, please contact us on