With Sarmalink software and USB thermometer you can effectively monitor your property and simply share temperature and pictures with your friends.


Temperature and video monitoring with Sarmalink is easy and virtually free!

  • Temperature and video monitoring services (from 0.00EUR),

    • archive (quickly review temperature chart and only most important snapshots!)
    • select snapshots and create your own video
    • secure and private monitoring or an opportunity to share your cam or temperature data
    • Try now!
  • USB un Wifi devices (from only EUR 12.81).
  • Video monitoring software (free),

Connect , monitor, create!

Calibrated Thermometer

Sarmalink.com has expanded product range. Now we also offer calibrated digital WiFi thermometer!

The thermometer is competitively priced has own web server for local access as well as can be easily set up for remote monitoring or data export through Sarmalink.com or your own server.

Now SarmaLink WiFi thermometers can be set up to measure also in Fahrenheit!

Now you can measure a temperature with a WiFi thermometer without a dedicated PC and can chose to measure in Celsius of Fahrenheit.

Order a WiFi thermometer or a multithermometer, place it in any place with WiFi coverage. See current measurements in the embeded web interface or follow the temperature through the SarmalLink portal.  Thermometers are available in SarmaLink shop!

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